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The Halal Gourmet is for anyone who enjoys the art of fine, French cooking. It is also the solution for halal food lovers and alcohol abastainers who want to enjoy the cuisine of France.

French cuisine without wine, spirits or pork? Halal, french cuisine — sounds like an oxymoron or some type of gag. The Halal Gourmet seeks to redefine the perception of what halal, gourmet food means. About The Halal Gourmet.

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Back To School Has Gone Gourmet! Introuducing the new Petits Gourmets Section!

Squid, cucumber & lime MuffinsSquid muffin is now my official new term of endearment and after you make this recipe it will be yours as well!

What I have found exploring Alain Ducasse’s Cooking for Kids, is that they really respect the fact that kids are kids.  The look of squid still rattles me a tad even though I love the taste of it.

Can you imagine a 1-year old?

Hiding both the look and the texture without sacrificing the nutrition and palette maturing opportunity is just brilliant!

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